I’m gonna miss you so much…



This is my last job,  a poster commissioned for my friends of La vorágine.

Hoy, os dejo este cartel que me encargaron los amigos de La Vorágine : )





This is were I used to live since a few months ago. It was an old, big town -or a small city-, and I loved to forgive myself on that ancient streets.

I will miss it, not only because it was a beautiful place but because it was the first place where my boyfriend and I started living together.


The pink cow

HA! That’s me. Not really know why, but  my boyfriend used to call me “lil’ pink dotted cow”. Then, here I am as a cute, round cow…

I think I should stop posting craps 😛

Roses, roses!



I love the look of roses after a rainy day!


Autumn is coming, so it’s raining a lot lately and the field begins to smell often to wet ground. Love that smell too!




¡Me encanta el aspecto que tienen las rosas después de llover!

El otoño se acerca, así que últimamente llueve bastante y el olor a tierra mojada se está volviendo constante. ¡Eso también me encanta!



Two of my cats! They’re soooo soft! >_<

Kitchen hanger

When I moved from my old house, I found some old cutlery forgotten in the kitchen. I was sad to get rid of them, then I asked myself what could I do with them.

My new house has no furniture yet and I got sick every time I saw my boyfriend leaving rags around and around and around while he was cleaning dishes (it was SO stressful for me), so I decided to turn that old spoons and forks into a beautiful, rustic hanger.

How to do it? So easy! You just need:

  • a nice piece of wood
  • some cutlery
  • a drill and screws of different sizes
  • bitumen asphalt (I’m not really sure this is its name…)
  • wood bitumen

First of all, you should be sure the timber of your choice has no wood-worm and make a little hole (you need one for each cutlery). Bore your cutlery in the center too.

Now, you can apply the bitumen over the timber and the bitumen asphalt on your forks and spoons to make them look (more) older; wait until the bitumen get dry and screw it.

Tah-Daaaaahh! Here it is. Easy, isn’t it?

Sorry, my english it’s not very good. I’m trying hard! 🙂


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